tMaker :: Importing the Excel Spreadsheets

Importing the Excel Spreadsheets

You can import into tMaker the tests stored in the Microsoft Excel format. The structure of the source file must be as follows:

The first line must be the test title. Other lines contain the test questions. The first column contains the first answer. Odd columns contain possible answers. If a particular answer is erroneous, the following column must be empty. If the answer is correct, the following column must contain any symbol (e.g. "X"). Any question can have up to 10 possible answers. The last column may contain a Comments on the current question. You may leave this cell empty, but the first line must still have some header ("Comment", "Explanation" etc. - the particular word is of no importance, but there must be something to mark the table border).

The type of the question is selected automatically, depending on the number of answers marked as the correct ones. If only one answer is marked as the correct one, the question type is set to "Multiple choice (simple answer)". Otherwise the type will be "Multiple choice (complex answer)".

You can find a sample import.xls file in the SunRav TestOfficePro Tests directory.