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Evaluation Options

Use the Evaluation window to specify a mark that the user gets for scoring a certain number of points. The user is given a separate mark for each topic and a general mark for the test as a whole.

Select the required topic from the drop-down list. The use the Grades spin controls to specify the number of possible grades (from 1 to 13). Below the Grades section there is a pane that contains a number of text fields equal to the number of possible grades. Use the spin controls on the left of the text field to specify the upper and lower limits of the grades (they may be measured in points or percents - depending on the option selected in the Criteria section) and enter into the text field the message for the examinee. The user will be awarded a certain grade if his/her score is within the specified limitsScribble62. Let us take for example, a topic graded on a 2-point scale. Assume that there are two possible marks: "Not passed" (0 to 6 points) and "Passed" (7 to 10 points). The examinee scored 5 points. His mark will be "Not passed".

If each topic in the test has the same number of grades, and their limits and messages are also the same, you can copy these parameters from the previous topic to the current one by pressing the Copy from previous button.

You can also specify the user's overall grade. Mark the Summary checkbox and specify the grades in the same way as you did it for each topic.

If no overall grade has been specified, the user will be awarded individual grades for each topic.