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Compression - Determine whether PDF page streams are compressed or not. By using compression the file will be made reasonably smaller. On the other hand, compression will create binary data rather than ASCII data. While "deflate" produces the smallest files, "run-length" compression is compatible even with very old PDF reader programs.

Resolution - Sets resolution for pages.

PDF Version - Determines the version of the created PDF document.

Auto URL - If set to ON, the text written to a page will be parsed and if substrings 'http://','mailto:','ftp://' are located, a link will be automatically appended to this URL.

Emulate Standard Font - If the property is set to ON, "Arial", "Courier New" and "Times New Roman" will  be emulated via standard PDF fonts.

EMF Image As Jpeg - Property determine store images from parsed EMF files as JPEG or as bitmap.

One Pass - The property indicates whether to store previous pages to a file after a new page is created.

Author - The name of the person who created the PDF document.

Keywords - Keywords associated with the PDF document.

Subject - The subject of the PDF document.

Title - The PDF document's title.

Page settings

Layout - The page layout to be used when the document is opened.

Mode - How the document should be displayed when opened.

Size - Determines the size of standard pages.

Orientation - Uses Orientation to determine if a page is in a landscape or portrait format.

Protection settings

Protection Enabled - A PDF document can be encrypted to protect its contents from unauthorized access. The property enables encryption of  the current PDF document.

Key Length - The length of a  crypto key.

User Password - A user password for current PDF document. This is the password which will be used to encrypt the file.

Owner Password - An owner's password for current PDF document. The password is required to edit an encrypted PDF file.

Allows - A set of flags specifying which operations are permitted when the document is opened with the user password.




Print the document.

Modify Structure

Modify the contents of the document

Copy Information

Copy or otherwise extract text and graphics from the document, (in support of accessibility for disabled users or for other purposes).

Modify Annotation

Add or modify text annotations, fill in interactive form fields.

Print Hi

Print the document with high quality

Fill Annotation

Fill in existing interactive form fields (including signature fields)

Extract Info

Extract text and graphics


Assemble the document (insert, rotate, or delete pages and create bookmarks or thumbnail images).

Viewer settings.

These settings control how the document is presented on the screen.



Hide Tool Bar

The flag  hides the viewer application's tool bars when a document is active.

Hide Menu Bar

The flag hides the viewer application's menu bar when a document is active.

Hide Window UI

The flag hides   user interface elements in the document's window (such as scroll bars and navigation controls), leaving only the document's contents displayed.

Fit Window

The flag resizes  the document's window to fit the size of the first displayed page.

Center Window

The flag positions the document's window in the center of the screen.

Fonts - Specifies a list of fonts not to be embedded.

Press the Scan button to include all document fonts into the list of non-embedded fonts.