SunRav WEB Class :: Administration

You can configure administration settings by selecting the Configuration/Configure menu item.

  • Language – Language of the administration interface.
  • Regular expressions format – specifies how open questions (typed from keyboard) will be handled.
  • Date format – specifies date display mask.
  • Percent precision – specifies amount of digits after the point when displaying the percentage of correct questions.
  • Send e-mail notification after testing is finished – if this checkbox is marked, then an e-mail notification will be sent to the e-mail address specified below after testing is over.
  • Letter subject template - template of the subject of the notification letter.
  • Receiver’s address – e-mail address to which notification letters will be sent.
  • Sender’s address – address of the sender of the notification letter.
  • Letter body template - template of the notification letter.

Press Change to change the administration settings.