SunRav BookEditor :: HTML and CHM

No hypertext image borders - if the flag is selected, an HTML page will not have a special border around an  image showing that the image is a link. If it is deselected, the border will be created.

Save image sizes - if the flag is selected, the data on the image size will be included in the HTML page.

Image prefix - a prefix (a first part of a filename) for saved images.

Save controls as - enables specifying a mode for Windows components exporting.

  • Control - will be transformed to a corresponding HTML tag (if possible).
  • Image - will be transformed to an image (if possible).

PNG options

  • Compression level - specifies a PNG image compression level. Higher level results in a lower image creation process.
  • Interlace method - specifies the interlace method.
  • Transparent color - specifies which color will be transparent.

JPEG options

  • Quality - specifies the JPG file quality. Higher quality results in a larger file size.
  • Grayscale - a grayscale (black and white) image will be created.

CHM compiler location - specifies a location on a disk where the file hhc.exe is - the CHM files compiler.

Display compilation progress - if this flag is selected, a window with a  bar indicating the CHM file compilation progress  will be displayed.