SunRav BookEditor :: CHM documentation

To create a CHM book, please do the following:

  1. Press F10 key to open Project settings dialog.
  2. Select the HTML tab.
  3. Specify the required settings (including Template).
  4. Select the CHM tab.
  5. Specify the  required settings.
  6. Press OK to confirm changes.
  7. Select the File/Export... menu item or press the Ctrl+Shift+C shorcut keys. Use the dialog box to select the Compiled Help Files type from the drop-down list, select a  folder and a  file and click OK.

To compile a book into a file of the CHM format, you should select the File/Export... menu item. Use the dialog box to select the folder and the file and click OK.

You will have to install Microsoft HTML Workshop to be able to compile a book into the CHM format. This program is a freeware and you can download it from the Microsoft site.

Download Microsoft HTML Workshop

See. Configuring exporting to the CHM format.