SunRav BookEditor :: Templates

Templates separate data from presentation and let you change the format of the output text. BookEditor takes a  template (a regular string with XML-like tags) as input and produces output.

With templates producing text in different formats, it is as easy as ABC - you specify the template and let BookEditor supply data to the generator. The rest is defined by the template. Whenever you need a plain text, XML or HTML, SGML, CSV or custom text document, you get any of them by just selecting a required template.

SunRav BookEditor passes the data to the generator on request, i.e. when SunRav BookEditor comes across  a <macro> tag. Several tags let you implement loops and conditions and comment some parts of the template. The information represented as a plain text in the template is output without changes (with except of tag processing which might cause repetition or exclusion of information).

Using templates, you will extend the power and flexibility of text reporting in SunRav BookEditor without efforts.