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Answer Matrix

When creating a report you can create an answer matrix consisting of N lines and K columns (N - the number of users, K - the number of questions in one test). At the crossing of the matrix line and column there can be:

1) 1 (if the user number i answered question number j correctly), or 0 (if the answer is wrong) - in the True/False mode.

2) The number of points scored by the user by selecting the answer - in the Score mode.

Here i changes from 1 to N, and j changes from 1 to K.

The answer matrix is created automatically when you create a report on groups. To do this mark the Create the matrix checkbox and select the required mode.

You can export the created matrix to different formats:

- Microsoft® Excel

- Microsoft® Word


- Text

Press the Save as button to do this. Then select the required export format and enter the file name you want to give to the saved answer matrix.áóäåò ñîõðàíåíà ìàòðèöà îòâåòîâ.