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Filtering the Report

You can filter a created report to separate any redundant data (e.g. users, who didn't take part in the current test).

Follow the steps below to apply a filter to the report:

1. Select the column that contains the data to be filtered from the Column drop-down list.

2. Enter the filter string in the Condition field. You can use the following wildcards:

* - any number of any symbols (string)

? - any single occurrence (symbol)

>, < , >=, =< - more than, less than, more than or equal to, less than or equal to (when these operations apply to numeric data, the numeric values are compared; when they are applied to dates, the dates are compared; in all other cases the string values are compared).

= , ! - equal to, not equal to

& - logical AND

^ - logical OR

; - logical OR

3. Mark the Filter checkbox