SunRav BookEditor :: Links to books

When you click this type of a link, another book opens. To create such a link, do the following:

  1. Write the link text.
  2. Select it.
  3. Press the button or the Shift+Alt+H key shortcut.
  4. In the popped-up dialog box, enter a book file name in the Target field. For example, MyBook.srb.

The book file should be stored in one of the following locations:

  • In the SunRav BookEditor or SunRav BookReader program directory. I.e., if you run a document from SunRav BookReader, the document should be in the following directory:
    C:\Program Files\SunRav BookOffice\BookReader.
  • In the program books subdirectory. For example, 
    C:\Program Files\SunRav BookOffice\BookReader\docs.
  • In another location. In this case, a full path to the document should be specified. For example, 

Besides opening a book, you can open a certain chapter at once. For that purpose, specify a chapter ID after the  book file name: /id 100 - opens the chapter whose ID is equal to 100.

You can also set the command line parameters to specify some parameters of the book being opened. For example,

breader.exe "C:\MyBooks\SunRav BookOffice.srb" /id 100 /theme Office2003 /tbfav- /tbfile+ /menu- /posx 0 /posy 0

In this case, when you run the program, the C:\MyBooks\SunRav BookOffice.srb book will open, the chapter  ID is equal to 100 will open, Office2003 will be the visual theme of the program, the Favorites toolbox and  the main menu will  be hidden, the File toolbox will be displayed, the program window will be displayed in the upper left corner of the screen. 

If the path to a book file is not specified, the program will search for it in the program folder or in the Books subfolder.